Housing for Life Incorporated
Safe and Secure
Mental Health Accommodation - Assisted Condominium Living Project

Our Background

We are a group of older parents concerned about the kind of accommodation with support that is currently available to our sons, daughters and other family members with mental disorders.

Our biggest concern is, "What will happen to them once we are gone?" Hence we wish to create a solution for our dependents and others like them so that they will be capable of living by themselves when we are no more.

Our vision

Our goal is to create a permanent residence which will serve as a safe and secure home for individuals with mental disorders. To achieve the same, we plan to build an apartment condominium with 12 to 15 one bedroom self contained modern suites. Each individual suite would house one person.

There will also be one two bedroom suite on the main floor where in the caretaker/support staff will stay.

We offer the tenants

A healthy and safe environment where he/she can learn to live alone and also learn how to interact with others and develop social skills. To the same end there will be regular group activities. Also, there will be a common dining area in the building where everyone would gather to have a well balanced meal as one happy extended family. Family involvement in creating and participating in social activities for the residents will be encouraged.

Our plan

The 12 to 15 individual suites will be owned and maintained by the extended family trust. In other words, the families of every inhabitant will be a partner in our endeavour.

Personal development

"We are dedicated to helping our residents achieve as independent a life as possible."

"We wish to see our residents do voluntary work and also return to the regular workforce eventually. "

"We wish to enable our residents to be able to take care of their personal hygine and grooming."

"Ultimately, we want to see our residents develop social skills and be able to interact effortlessly with everyone and enjoy liesurely activities."